Episode 21: Supraglottic Airways

With Dr. Steven Schauer

In this episode, Dr. Schauer joins us to discuss supraglottic airways. These devices are often considered to be ‘rescue’ adjuncts for a ‘failed’ airway, but this discussion may change the way you approach out-of-hospital airway control. Listen as Dr. Schauer talks about the types of patients who should receive SGAs, tips and tricks for using them, and the importance of training on these devices now matter how simple they appear.

Dr. Schauer discusses why SGAs aren’t prevalent yet in the furthest forward units and describes research done by his own team:

  • Schauer, S. G., Naylor, J. F., Uhaa, N., April, M. D., & De Lorenzo, R. A. (2020). An Inventory of the Combat Medics’ Aid BagJournal of special operations medicine : a peer reviewed journal for SOF medical professionals20(1), 61–64.

While discussing pitfalls of using SGAs, Dr. Schauer also mentions a very recent study discussing misplaced SGAs:

Trevor makes reference to the AIRWAYS II Trial…:

…and he also mentions very well-designed checklists in Airway Management in Prolonged Field Care, CPG 80.

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  1. Couldn’t find the site email, looking to get some more work for my unit medics with the SGAs.

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