Episode 34: Pain Management

With Dr. Steven Schauer

Dr. Steven Schauer returns to the podcast with Trevor and Morgan to talk about pain management. Managing pain is a complex topic involving both different types of pain and different medications. During the conversation, Dr. Schauer mentions JTS CPG 61, Analgesia and Sedation Management During Prolonged Field Care. You can find this on the link at our website, or by searching “JTS CPG.” Military members, use your free UpToDate access to read their article entitled “Pain Control in the Critically Ill Adult Patient.” If you don’t have UpToDate access yet, read the article at nextgencombatmedic.com on how to get an AVL account. It’s worth your time. Finally, Dr. Schauer mentions an article he co-authored last year:

  • Bebarta, G. E., Bebarta, V. S., Fisher, A. D., April, M. D., Atkinson, A. J., McGhee, L. L., & Schauer, S. G. (2021). An Analysis of Ketamine Doses Administrated to Nonintubated Casualties Prehospital. Military medicine.

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