Episode 32: Spinal Immobilization

With Dr. Seth Collings Hawkins

We all learned it.

We’ve all done it.

And we (mostly) all know that it’s wrong.

Dr. Seth Collings Hawkins joins Trevor and Claire to discuss spinal immobilization. Rigid immobilization of trauma patients is entrenched dogma, but we’ve probably all heard that this procedure is not just without benefit, but is in fact harmful to our patients. Dr. Collings Hawkins is a leader in the wilderness EMS community, and he breaks down the reality of spinal immobilization and how we can all do better. Listen up as he talks about the history of this intervention, discusses appropriate uses for the rigid backboard and c-collar, and then shows how we can do better. This is important information for everyone to hear, from new medics to experienced flight surgeons.

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