Episode 27: Joint Trauma System

With Dr. (COL) Stacey Shackelford, USAF

In this episode, Chief of the Joint Trauma System Colonel Stacy Shackelford joins Max and Claire to talk about the organization’s history, mission, and future vision singularly focused on reducing morbidity and mortality on the battlefield. During this wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Shackelford describes JTS initiatives directly relevant to our role in rotary-wing MEDEVAC.

Dr. Shackelford specifically mentions resources available on the JTS website, including Clinical Practice Guidelines, the Deployed Medicine app, and how to get access to the JTS’ Thursday calls. Go to jts.amedd.army.mil for more information.

This was a great discussion with the leader of a pioneering entity dedicated to the most acute aspect of our role as flight medics. Take a listen, and we welcome your feedback! 

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Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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