Episode 17: Intravenous & Intraosseous Access

With Dr. Whit Harvey, MD

In this episode, Trevor and Morgan talk to Dr. Whit Harvey, USN, about one of the foundational skills of out-of-hospital care: IV and IO access. Dr. Harvey has done important research on IO efficacy, and he shares some of his findings on the pressure required to keep IOs flowing, as well as techniques to generate that pressure (it’s more than you think!).

Additionally, Trevor mentions some critical points about flow rates through IV tubing and lock devices. This can be a blind spot for a lot of us; the convenience of a lock is great, but those couple inches of tubing can significantly reduce flow rates, and that is not ideal if you’re infusing blood. There is some pain associated with flushing an IO, and this article has some good information about just how much Lidocaine you should be using to reduce your patient’s discomfort.

Check out the episode below, or wherever you listen!

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