Episode 30: Toxic Exposures

With Dr. LtCol Joseph K. Maddry

Lt. Col. Joe Maddry joins Max and Morgan to talk about SMOG Medical XIX, Toxic Ingestions. Toxicology is extraordinarily complex, and this discussion ranges beyond ingestions. Dr. Maddry is an emergency medicine physician and has completed a toxicology fellowship. Listen up as he breaks down initial treatment for a range of emergencies from reptile bites to rocket fuel inhalation to intentional overdose.

Dr. Maddry is the Deputy Commander of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and is extensively published on a variety of topics, with much of his research devoted to pre-hospital and en route care. If you don’t have an account through the AMEDD Virtual Library yet, check out this article from nextgenerationcombatmedic.com on how to get access to the medical journals where Dr. Maddry and others publish their important research.

And while there is not a poison control center exclusively for the military, all of the domestic poison control centers communicate with each other and can get you to help with treating poisoned patients. Keep 1-800-222-1222 in your phone! And whether you’re at home or deployed, you’re not alone when you’re trying to treat a complex toxic emergency. If you need a consult, call the DOD Advanced Virtual Support for Operational Forces program, or ADVISOR: 1-833-ADVSRLN (1-833-238-7756 or DSN 312-429-9089).

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