Episode 31: Sexual Assault

With Dr. LtCol Joseph K. Maddry

Captain Madison Anderson, RN, joins Claire and Morgan to discuss the pre-hospital care of sexual assault victims (SMOG SPECIAL POP V). It’s a difficult topic, but it is critical for flight medics to understand this patient population’s specialized care. CPT Anderson is a Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner (SAMFE), and she makes important points about balancing patient care protocols with the need to minimize disturbing the victim. She also speaks extensively about the continuum of care for sexual assault victims and gives important context to where pre-hospital care fits into a victim’s path to healing.

CPT Anderson frequently refers to MEDCOM Regulation 40-36, Medical Facility Management of Sexual Assault, which is available with a CAC at the Army’s Office of the Surgeon General¬†MEDCOM Publications Portal.

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