Episode 0: Introduction to the Podcast

With Morgan and Max

In this short episode, we cover some of the goals and objectives of this podcast. We talk about the format we’d like to use and the posting schedule.

The purpose of this podcast is to:

  • Provide a source of continuing education for the Flight Medic community and those engaged in aeromedical evacuation.
  • Provide in-depth discussion with subject matter experts on current protocols, guidelines, and trends in out-of-hospital medicine.
  • Provide insight on updates to CoTCCC and CoERCC recommendations.
  • Build a community for flight medic and raise the bar of professionalism within the community.

Our intended audience is:

  • U.S. Army Flight Paramedics, ASI F2/F3
  • U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Corpsmen and Medical Technicians
  • Flight Surgeons and Aeromedical Physician Assistants
  • Civilian and enlisted medical providers interested in military aeromedical evacuation.

The format of the podcast will be a co-hosted conversation and interview format bringing in expert guests to discuss the minutiae of a specific topic related to the SMOG, CPGs, or relevant updates to either. We will try to “take a walk around the DoD” each episode and talk about the differences between the various protocols and guidelines used throughout the Department of Defense. We will release a new episode every other week.

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