Episode 1: Hemorrhage

With Dr. Andrew Fisher

In this episode, Dr. Andrew Fisher joins us to discuss the SMOG Hemorrhage guideline. Dr. Fisher discusses the use of tourniquets, pelvic splints, and wound packing to control external bleeding. We also dip our toes into REBOA and the considerations surrounding it.

Dr. Fisher mentions a case involving manual compression of a patient’s aorta: 

  • Lewis C, Nilan M, Srivilasa C, et al. Fresh Whole Blood Collection and Transfusion at Point of Injury, Prolonged Permissive Hypotension, and Intermittent REBOA: Extreme Measures Led to Survival in a Severely Injured Soldier-A Case Report. J Spec Oper Med. 2020;20(2):123-126. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32573748/

If you want to use this episode as part of your Tables I, II, & III medical training, use the following tasks per TC 8-800.

  • 081-833-0124 Control Bleeding
  • 081-833-0065 Apply a Combat Application Tourniquet®
  • 081-833-0211 Apply a Hemostatic Dressing
  • 081-833-0266 Immobilize the Pelvis
  • 081-833-0066 Apply an Improvised Tourniquet

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  Published:  16 November 2020

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