Episode 8: Hypotension & Shock

With Dr. Ben Walrath

In this episode, Dr. Ben Walrath joins us to discuss the SMOG Shock/Hypotension guideline. The conversation focuses on hypovolemic shock, but also includes a discussion of other types of shock that sometimes get less attention in the tactical setting. 

Commander Walrath is a U.S. Navy emergency medicine physician and the EMS Director at Navy Medical Forces Pacific. He has made major contributions to military medical literature. Here’s his Google Scholar citation list. 

Trevor mentions an episode of Heavy Lies the Helmet. This is a great episode, and you should definitely subscribe to the podcast. 

Max discusses Jamie Eastman’s recent paper in the Air Medical Journal, Point-of-Care Laboratory Data Collection During Critical Care Transport. Jamie is a friend of our podcast, and we will be hearing more from him soon. The article is behind a paywall, but you can use your OpenAthens account from the MEDCoE/AMEDD Virtual Library (AVL) to log in and read it free. Read this piece from Next Generation Combat Medic for step-by-step instructions on how to get access to AVL. 

If you want to use this episode as part of your Table VIII medical training, use the following tasks per TC 8-800:

  • 081-833-0047, Initiate Treatment for Hypovolemic Shock¬†
  • 081-833-0034, Manage an Intravenous Infusion
  • 081-835-3000, Administer Blood
  • 081-835-3054, Administer Blood Products

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